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For every major bolting application in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, you can rely on Industrial Torque Tools for safe, accurately loaded bolts in the shortest amount of time. INDUSTRIAL TORQUE TOOLS provides rentals, service & sales of pneumatic, hydraulic, and traditional super-sized torque wrenches for colossal construction bolting projects or mega–sized maintenance needs.  We have any size and any number of industrial bolting torque wrenches ready to get you through your jobs on time.  Industrial Torque Tools provides service and resources in away that no single brand supplier can.

  • High Torc Power Wrench ToolsSquare Drive Hydraulic Torque Tools
  • Lithium & Battery Torque Power Options
  • Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Tools
  • Patented Pneumatic Rad Guns
  • Induction Bolt Heating Services
  • Calibration Services
  • Weekly/Monthly Rentals

For Industrial Needs

  • Energy Industry Bolting Needs

  • Indianapolis 317-896-4381

  • Columbus: 614-302-5262

  • Eastern Ohio: 740-584-4799

  • Louisville: 812-201-7171

  • Chicagoland: 812-325-3284

Heavy duty industrial nuts & bolts 24/7 service, sales and rentals

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Fax or call for immediate hydraulic torque wrench rental or sales in Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois.

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